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Leipzig „green zone“ - environmental badge for vehicles required

Like most other major cities in Germany, Leipzig introduced a “low-emission zone“ (“Umweltzone”) in an effort to reduce dust particle emissions.

Vehicles need an environmental badge (“Feinstaub-Plakette”) to be allowed into the green zone. This is also obligatory for foreigners.

The property of Leipzig trade Fair including the Congress Center Leipzig are located outside the green zone. But if you wish to use your own car to drive into the inner city, you will need an environmental badge.

This badge is generally issued to all vehicles that have petrol engines with a controlled catalytic converter, or a diesel engine fulfilling the Euro4 standard.

If you wish to use your own car when you participate in a conference in Leipzig, we recommend that you purchase your badge prior to your visit to Germany. Information on how this can be done in your country can be found on the website Please follow this external link for a list of further information.
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